John Gallagher

As a long time professional writer contributing to a wide variety of commercial markets, the world of novel writing  with the game of golf as a theme was seen as the ultimate goal to satisfy a creative imagination.
Prior to becoming interested in golf, the author experienced sport at the elite level having been a professional and international soccer player in his younger years.
Since taking up golf the author has enjoyed the pleasure of achieving a single figure handicap, being a club champion and holding a course record - a result of practising what he preaches as a motivational consultant and coach.

Years of listening, watching and absorbing the advice, tips and comments of the world's best golfers and teachers have enabled the author to produce authentic-sounding golf narrative and action.
The mind's role and influence in the game of golf is also included via character development and story plot.

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Margot Maurice......

A retired newspaper and magazine journalist and editor, Margot enjoys editing John's books when she is not writing non fiction books of her own.  In her professional working life Margot was also a musician and singer with a career that began in  children's radio programs and serials during World War 2. As an adult she went on to Sydney club circuit work as a  modern pianist and singer. In the 1970s and  '80s  she operated two music schools where she devised her own method of teaching pre-school aged children. Her program was taken up by a State Government Health Department  that funded the program  she used in several institutions and a special school working with intellectually disabled children and adolescents. 
She has been involved in motivation and has been a guest speaker for many organisations speaking about personal growth and positivity
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Gold Coast, Surfers Paradise


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